Priyakant Ju

Priyakant Ju Temple is an example of hardwork and dedication of many lakh people which came forward and contribute towards development of this huge temple. A great work can never be fulfilled without support for our loved ones. Contribution can be big and small but the efforts cannot be ignore. When Ram Saitu Bridge has been formed by monkeys then even squirrels participated in the formation. So Priyakant Ju Temple is the association formed by the collaboration of many peoples. This is the holy place where devotee’s will get blessings showered by God. 

Maharajshri’s life is dedicated to the social welfare i.e. your every step of activity is related to the welfare of humanity. Mainly, you bring the people together through the Katha to meet with their social duties concerning to the ancient culture and civilization. The result may be viewed directly through the huge gathering in the Katha. You have an imaginative skill to present your thoughts. You prove the mythological stories related to present situation so easily that the common people begin to come after the pattern delivered by you with no doubt. Thus, a series of social reformation begins here only.

In the 2.5 acres of land, a beautiful temple of our Ishta Shri Priya-Kant Ji is going to be made. This holy place is far away from crowded places. This is a very peaceful place, free from pollution and also where all the devotees will find good living arrangement (parking, room, food). Shanti Seva Dham’s construction work has been started on 31/09/2009 and would get completed in about three years of our target time with Lord’s grace and support of devotees. For this construction to take place, we need around Rs. 40 to 45 Crore.